Off the Couch & into the Mountains
I'll be the first to admit it: there's nothing better than finding time to laze it out on the couch. Off-seasons spent thumb-twiddling; evenings cuddling with the lady; sitting back and watching good movies...anything I can do to kick my feet up and sink deep into the cushions is always in the mix. I'll even find myself sleeping on couches in spite of perfectly good beds available during my tr...
Milkin It
While others are milking their last laps on their 29ers or up playing human slalom on the vertical hockey rink, I found myself milking my time (and my buddy's kids) taking ski bumming to new levels.
Chasing Pink Tats Tour: Fly Fridays with Jonny Klemchuk
A good friend came to town and we did how Aspen does: ski, apres, party, sleep...repeat. Jonny Klemchuk (@JonnyKlemchuck) was only in town for a couple of days, so we took advantage of sunny skies and warm temps to have a lil costume fun on the hill. Reprising his original role as Buddy the Elf, Jonny found himself experiencing the allure of Aspen's frontside and even worked his way through the...
MSNBC on ‘Extreme Skiing’
There has been a rash of deaths recently, and MSNBC took on the subject in a recent airing. I'm not so sure I appreciate the term 'Death Zone', as it will only fuel the misinformation that always seems to make its way to the mainstream public. Interesting watch though: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Gettin Deeeeep in Aspen
Winter has finally arrived with a series of small storms that have left Aspen with fantastic conditions.  Spent a few runs the other morning with the AspenSnowmass #ContentCrew and here are some quick shots from those fluffy laps.  (Photos by Jeremy Swanson)

Gettin Deeeeep in Aspen

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Winter has finally arrived with a series of small storms that have left Aspen with fantastic conditions.  Spent a few runs the other morning with the AspenSnowmass #ContentCrew and here are some quick shots from those fluffy laps.  (Photos by Jeremy Swanson)

“Need to Get Out” contest by Tecnica/Blizzard

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It’s December, and it hasn’t really snowed much in the Lower 48.  That’s ok, because you’ve been holding the reins while desk jockeying and no snow doesn’t affect your daily routine.  In fact, it probably makes for a much easier commute.  Well, guess what – It’s going to snow, and when it does you’ll be jonesing to get out and play!

That’s why we at Tecnica/Blizzard designed the “Need to Get Out” contest in conjunction with Teton Gravity Research.  We know you are only slaving away behind a desk so you can earn enough dough to get out and road trip with your buddies.  Well, we want to make it easier for you and that friend to get out West and come slash some turns with the Tec/Blizz pro team.

Head on over to Teton Gravity Research’s website by clicking the photo above, and learn how to enter the contest.  Tell us your best story, include a rad photo, and come choke on some powder with us at Monarch Snowcat Skiing.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


Shaun Raskin’s ‘The Life Unbound’ – Episode 2: The Strike

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Check out more of Shaun and her winter exploits at TheLifeUnbound


FlipCore is So Rad

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2011 has been a big year for Blizzard Skis, and our new FlipCore line of skis are creating big buzz throughout the ski industry.  With a concept drawn from Arne Backstrom’s musings and tinkerings as a team rider, the engineers at Blizzard stepped up to the challenge of designing the ultimate rockered ski.  With all the other companies rushing to produce some sort of bent-up, early-rise, elf-shoe thing-a-ma-jig, there are a multitude of ski shapes with wacky designs yet none of the skis really ski most conditions well.  Not so with the new Blizzard Cochise, the 2011 ISPO ‘Ski of the Year’; this ski has made ninjas out of more than a few lucky skiers who’ve tried them on for size.  And the Bodacious (Arne’s signature ski) skis like no other fat ski; you’d never know there was two sheets of titanal metal in them.

The Blizzard team has been busy shooting video and stills to show what these skis are about, and the buzz is still building.  If you want to check out a pair of Blizzard skis with the new FlipCore technology, check out Granite Chief in Squaw and Hamilton Sports in Aspen for demos.  Or click here to read up on the specs.

Clem Smith Speaks About Flip Core and Arne Backstrom from Frank Shine on Vimeo.

FlipCore Fun from Frank Shine on Vimeo.

Thanks A.B. – You are dearly missed, but your legacy lives on in each of us.

Edit by Frank Shine

A beautiful place.

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I went for a drive with a few friends yesterday. We gathered together to pay our respects to a friend. At the end of the drive was a little dirt walk-path. The four of us followed its meandering course as it led us down a hill, steeper with every step.

Past the tall pines, to the right of the tree with stunted growth and red needles showing scars of its short life, and before the aspen patch. The little path came to an end not too far away, where it opened up into a small clearing with room enough for a wooden bench which hangs from two guardian trees.

“Ponderosa Pines, probably,” states Pat in answer to my query of which kind of tree surrounded us.

“Sure it’s not spruce?” chimes in Erika.

We all just sat there in silence, wondering, our minds drifting past the question of tree lineage and on to the reaches of the ether realm. A friend has fallen. A shrine has been erected.

Photos and newspaper articles are tacked to the bark of the guardian trees as they stand tall and without silence. Trees don’t usually talk, but these have stories. They will witness roommates, shred friends and co-workers come to gather and share in the loss of a bright spot in their lives. If you listen closely, past the wind and the sound of the aspen leaves shaking, the stories are spilling out like sap from a wound in their bark. These trees understand.

And we love them for that. The four of us, after a few beers and some tear-filled laughter, found ourselves leaving that little place with the fantastic view of Highland’s Bowl. We will come back again. There may be snow, in fact, there will most likely be snow, but the memories will now never fade.

We will still miss our friend. But, now we have a place to come say hi to him when we need. A place where all our stories can be lived out over beers and powder.



To balance out the feeling of this post, I will include the following link to a video. Danny Brown (www.senseistudions.com)produced it, probably for fun, because that’s just how he is. Some good friends from Aspen star in it; it’s only September and we are all already jonesing for pow. I love this town!

Enjoy! http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/video/video.php?v=32070446548

(If you can’t view the video, you need to sign up for Facebook and get on the wagon already!)



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